Q : Why is English so important to apply for this club? And what¡¯s the sufficient level of it?
A : In IFRA, the official language is English. Thus, in order to participate fully in the IFRA session, all members are expected to have sufficient level of English. If you can express your idea without much difficulties in English, that would be the sufficient level.
Q : I have knowledge on Corporate Finance and Accounting. However, I have not taken any           formal classes. So I couldn¡¯t show it on the application. Would that be a problem?
A : Not at all. As long as you can show your knowledge on the interview, that would not be a problem.
Q : Do I have to participate in IFRA for 2 ¡®consecutive¡¯ semesters?
A : No. Every applicant is expected to actively participate for 2 semesters, but those 2 semesters don¡¯t have to be consecutive. However, exchange student would not be subjected to this requirement.
Q : Can only a student at Korea University apply?
A : No. We accept applicants from various Universities. However, applicants should attend Korea University in the participating semester.
Q : I¡¯m not a business major. Is there any disadvantages?
A : No. We highly appreciate and value diversity. As long as you are interested in Finance, your major would not be a matter.